join date: 4/13/2017


account link:

story: so one day I was doing normal roblox stuff then I got a friend request from someone named c00rupt_R0bLox thought nothing of it until he started giving me strange messages ''join us'' so then I thought it was a little suspicious but I still did not believe so then I noticed that my friend left his group since I had obc at the time I claimed the group and the he said ''in one day the group shall be hacked'' still didn't believe until the next day I went on the group to see if anything happened I lost all owner privileges this freaked me out it still says I'm owner but I cant do anything the owner could do it now said that c00rupt_R0bLox was admin but I new he wasn't I cant believe that the The_Boi_Studios was hacked then he told me to join him in game I did and then stuff started going crazy I look at the source code STUFF WENT CRAZY not joking it said a bunch of scrambled text the text in caps was caused by c00rupt_R0bLox 12323_43534_543545_DECEMBER 12TH_ I noticed the December 12th thing so I looked at it more 5463353_864645_C00RUPTENTITY_WE ARE COMING_ALL OF US this freaked me out then suddenly I was transported to a map called hacker hangout made by c00rupt_R0bLox when I began I noticed fire and a satanic ritual with hackers in the ritual then in the fire I saw guest 666 and roblox the accounts dead body and then I saw a sign that said ''support 1x1x1x1 before he HACKS US ALL'' I was terrified I went into a house in the map and then I saw a model of 1x1x1x1 it didn't do anything it just standed there then I noticed outside of the house a model of c00lkid then suddenly my pc shut off I certainly will not be playing roblox on December 12 stay safe

I hope you enjoyed my creepy hacker experience remember stay safe if anything else happens post in the commets plz follow me and friend me on roblox

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